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My name is Agnès Edelaar-Kraan and all my life I have lived with dogs. Even when I was born, a dog was underneath my mothers bed. Beside dogs we also had rabbits, cats, guinea-pigs and little chickens. After I left my parents house, the first thing I bought was, ofcourse, a Rottweiler named Boy. Together with Boy I started obedience. That wasn't easy because Boy and I had to learn a lot. After a year or so I decided to take a second Rottweiler; Tara van de Runderkraal, a great dog. Tara's breeder first wanted to see for him self that Tara would get a good home. After his "inspection" he told me that if I took a carpet over the wooden floor, he would give me Tara! This is almost 30 years ago. After Boy and Tara came Habor and Eden van de Runderkraal to live with us. Eden had her first litter in 2003; 3 males en 6 females. Now we have 5 Rottweilers; Rising Fay van de Runderkraal, Habor van de Leemlande, Beatelke Ma Belle Mila, and Corona van het Haverveld. My husband Peet is training and showing Fay. They are a great team together. Peet even got a tattoo on his arm of her. A huge step for somebody who was terrified of dogs in his childhood……….

Our daughter Charlotte grew up with Rottweilers. She's crazy about them and with almost all our Rottweilers she took a "puppy-course".

I graduated for my instructorlicense and took a course behaviour for dogs.

On a regular basis we show our dogs on national and international shows. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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